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Custom Jewellery

We love making jewellery and even more thrilling is making jewellery just for you - to your design at very reasonable cost. 

If you have seen a comparable item on our site bear in mind that all our jewellery is made to order so that the price for your design will be very similar.

We can use any material you choose, any colour enamel and any gemstone. 

We can colour match to a swatch of material, another piece of jewellery or even to eye colour.

We can reproduce items which have been lost and repair items which have been damaged.

Our commissions have included earrings (of course!), pendants, bangles, necklaces, brooches, cuff-links and jewellery for a beloved pet.

We prefer a description, photograph, drawing or a sketch, but if you haven't decided in detail then please call us (01892 664633) or

call/text (07890 184396) and we can have a chat about your plans.


To Upload a photograph/picture or drawing, just fill in the form below (you must put your name, email address, and a description of the item), browse to a maximum of 3 graphics files (jpg, gif or png) on your computer, select those that you want and click on Submit

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