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About Us

Elf Magic has been in existence for 8 years.  Our merry band are as follows:

Richard Holder - the metallurgist amongst us.  His skills lie in knowing what to do with a piece of metal, be it gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium or tantalum, to get it to do what WE want it to do without causing defects such as cracks and warps especially with anticlastic forms.  He has a PhD in metallurgy and started making jewellery in 1976.  I suppose you could say he has got the hang of it by now.  It is his ingenuity that has enabled us to use advanced techniques involving UV curing inks and chemical etches as well as resistance bonding and welding.  Tends to say to us - "why not try ......."  and then wander off round the Ashdown Forest with his two dogs, a West Highland Terrier, Bonnie and a Golden Retriever , Tula, whilst we figure out how to incorporate his ideas into a new pair of earrings.  He is married with 4 'children' and is almost as passionate about rock-blues music as he is about earrings.

Adele Morley - the design queen of the bunch. Knows how a little alteration here, or an extension there, or a topaz here and a moonstone there, will look before we actually make the earring.  Has been trying to teach us design and form but this is probably a never-ending task.  Adele is super-critical of our work.  If she thinks the earrings are not up to her exacting standards then in the scrap bin they go.  Needless to say, she gets involved with every stage in the fulfillment of an order so that problems are picked up fast. - we don't like making scrap! She has been involved with Quality Assurance in the past, so we know that if she is happy, then so will you.   Is a biologist by profession and this definitely comes in useful since many of our creations are organic in form,. She is also excessively busy and we try to get her to sit down and do nothing for a change.  She is also married with, strangely enough, 4 children - perhaps its in the water. 

Vanessa Grey - our latest recruit from San Diego.  She is an enamelling wizard.  More information when she has time to write about herself.

We just like earrings, think that anticlastic raising produces unbelievably beautiful jewellery and are dab hands with little hammers and a micro-blow torch. 

We nearly always make our earrings whilst listening to music - generally rock guitar.  Our favourite guitarist is Rob Tognoni - we recommend you visit his site -

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