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Why Elf Magic?


This is a long, long, story - and I have made it as short as possible

but nevertheless I suggest you pour yourself a drink and settle down.

We are lucky enough to live very close to the Ashdown Forest - this is an area of heathland in the South of England - midway between Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead and Uckfield.

We have two lovely dogs - Bonnie, a West Highland Terrier and Tula a bouncy Golden Retreiver. 

Bonnie and Tula


These keep me slim - or at least slimmer than I would be without them. 

We go for long walks on the forest and my favourite times are dawn (!) and dusk. 

These are the times when the deer, badgers, foxes and birds such as the nightjar are about.  It can also get very, very eerie.

Especially so when the morning mist fills the hollows and if you have an active imagination you can almost see the pterodactyls emerging from the primeval forest. 

And also Elves.

I shall continue this later - since I have other things to do :-)

Now, where was I?  One of my favourite places on the forest is a small, almost dingly, dell. 

A small stream cascades over some rocks close to a grassy knoll (no, not THAT grassy knoll!) and in the quiet of the early morning, if there were Elves this, I reckon would be THE place to be.

  I can also imagine Elves making, nay, wringing the earth for precious metals in order to make various implements. 

And they would use hammers.  Small hammers.  Just like the ones we use in anti-clastic raising. 

If only we were as skilled as I imagine Elves to be.  Oh Well! 

So there we have it - the magical abilities of Elves and in our own way we are Elf-Magic Jewellery - - slightly wacky but very friendly



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